Katja Škorjanc is one of the digital artists who joined the NTF mania. She’s been into art ever since she was a little girl and at the beginning of this year, she noticed an exponential growth of NTF art on platforms where she looks at works of other artists. At first, she had her doubts about the newly discovered art space because she thought it was too risky entering the market of cryptocurrencies, however, she later decided to take the path into the crypto world of art. In the first 24 hours after uploading her first NTF on Rarible, she managed to sell 2 copies of her work. The buyer bought each copy for 0,075 ETH, which was about 123€.

KatieShock NFT Digital Artist

Katja sees the irreversible tokens as a classic exhibition at an art gallery. “NTF is a great chance for making money basically like in an art gallery, except that this one is online. And so, buyers are the visitors of the platform on which I exhibit my art,” says Katja and adds that all galleries, even online ones, have their criteria. And in order to meet those criteria, you have to prove that your art is authentic and high-quality. This is then officially marked with a tick next to the artist’s name – they receive a verification badge. In order to verify her account, Katja had to prove that she is the author of the work she published, which means that she had to record herself while making one of her NTF’s. She received the approval in 15 days, however, she says that the waiting period has now been extended to one month because more and more users are entering the platform.

NFT rarible katie shock


The main motifs in Katja’s work range from fantasy and even surrealism to a futuristic world and the main character is usually a woman. “I can relate to the idea of the world of art that a woman’s body is an almost sacred element for an artist. There is something about the ostensible tenderness and the hidden mightiness which stand behind the idea of a woman,” explains Katja, whose favourite style of art is digital painting.

“It’s good to have a background of traditional art media before you enter the world of digital art. Mostly because you are able to understand the nature of a variety of different techniques and you are able to bring them closer to the customer, who wants a unique art design,” says Katja.