Looking for the most convenient transfer and quickest way to reach the Hï Festival site? Hï Shuttles are the official transfer to the festival venue for those coming without cars.

Hrastnik Train Station -> Hrastnik Steklarna -> Hrastnik Crossroad -> Hrastnik Spar -> Hrastnik Mercator Blagovnica -> Hï Festival
(and back via the same stations)

Trbovlje Train Station -> Trbovlje Sušnik - Trbovlje Lidl -> Trbovlje Trg Revolucije Street -> Trbovlje Spar -> Trbovlje Gimnazija -> Trbovlje Mercator Hit Market -> Hï Festival
(and back via the same stations)

The timetable will be harmonized with the arrivals and departures (in early morning hours) of Slovenian Railways trains in the directions of Ljubljana and Maribor/Dobova.
Exact times will be published on this website on 1. August.


Have some questions regarding the timetable? Feel free to contact our support team at any time, 7 days per week, at: support@hifestival.org