– Phones, portable chargers and external batteries
– Amateur photo and video equipment (Sony Action Cam, GoPro)
– Selfie sticks
– Small bags and backpacks, hydration packs
– Belt bags
– Sunglasses, hats and sunscreen
– Raincoats and umbrellas, smaller than 30 cm.
– Water sprayer
– Lighters and closed cigarette packs (open packs will be given special attention)
– E-cigarettes and e-liquids
– Earplugs
– Zaprti zavojčki žvečilnih gumijev
– Cosmetics/Makeup
– Glow sticks
– Shiny and illuminated costumes
– Inflatable items
– Flags and banners (no poles, no sponsors)


– Professional photo and video equipment
– Lasers
– Drones, RC airplanes and toys
- Tents, big parasols, chairs and blankets (it is allowed to bring all of these objects into Hi Village)
– All types of weapons (pocket knives, tear gas, pyrotechnics etc.)
– Forbidden drugs and medication
– Sprays
– Glass bottles, cans, glasses and coolers
– Own drinks
– Larger backpacks and bags