Queen Real Tribute

Marko Lük is deeply rooted into Slovenian underground techno scene and is one of the rear few that are devoted to proper analog and raw techno sound in his small country. He sees techno not just as music but as philosophic direction where the mixture of art forms glorifies the aesthetics of deconstruction. Chaotic appearance of decayed buildings, the symmetry of construction elements of old industrial machinery and erosion caused by nature are the main sources of inspiration. He is promoting this type of concept through avdio-visual event series Deconstruct and his vinyl label Destruktura, which was established in 2018.


He is proving his devotion to the genre with his old school approach to the music creation – sequencers, synthesizers and drum machines, with minimal use of traditional software tools are encouraging him – that within limitation of hardware machines – he is producing and developing the sound that defines his career for over a decade.

Deconstructor Live is his live act project in which he exclusively performs live on hardware machines. His rhythm sections are dirty and raw, melodies are floating from highly distorted to liquid hypnotic, but it all comes down to very dynamic mixture of pure techno experience since the first second of his performance.


Since he has the ability to create music on the fly, his music is suitable for the dance floors, as well as more intimate and personal musical journeys. He can take his music from dub and deep to heavy and raw techno.


On the other hand, in DJ sets he takes a different type of destructive approach – he is disassembling tracks and constructing them back together to make a unique blend and an endless drive throughout his performance.


He is constantly developing new ways of live performance, mastering new live and DJ techniques and perfecting his live and studio sound.