Multiple minds are better than one! Stick to your group and designate meeting points. In case one of your friends needs assistance, reach out to festival staff.


To ensure the safety of all visitors, medical personnel will be present at the site and you can visit them in case you feel unwell or have too many blisters from the night before. We will keep a watchful eye on all the visitors and make sure that you are feeling well.


Prepare for the weather and put comfort first. The best choice will be light clothes and comfortable trainers. We advise against wearing sandals and flip-flops.



Hi Festival is a wonderful experience that can be enjoyed without the use of alcohol and drugs.

Everyone older than 18 should be smart and enjoy responsibly.

We do not tolerate the use and possession of drugs. Be responsible and make smart decisions.

In case you notice that one of the visitors needs assistance due to a large amount of alcohol or drugs, find assistance immediately. Remember: By asking for help you can’t get in trouble!

Immediately notify the medical personnel, if you notice someone, who:

– Is vomiting
– Is shaking
– Has an abnormal heart rate or breathing speed
– Has an abnormal body temperature
– Is confused, unresponsive or not waking up.

Nobody wants to look after their intoxicated friends!

Intoxicated visitors should not take care of other intoxicated visitors. Fast consumption of alcohol is the most dangerous. Drink responsibly. Strong coffee, cold shower, sleep or walking will not help a person with alcohol poisoning. Keep intoxicated visitors awake in a sitting position.